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How To Appreciate Your Generation X Employees

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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With employers seemingly focused on appeasing the constantly changing needs of millennials these days, Generation X employees can sometimes be overlooked in the appreciation department. 

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While millennials (born between 1981 and 2000) have the largest workforce at nearly 54 million, the Generation X (1965-to-1980) employee population isn't far behind around 53 million, followed by Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) at about 45 million, according to Pew Research Center statistics.

A recent NAVEX Global blog post describes Generation Xers as being more independent, self-directed and needing less feedback and rewards compared to their younger cohorts.

With only 1 in 3 US employees considered actively engaged at work, learn how incentives may be able to provide a viable solutuion to this issue. 

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Having this knowledge at their disposal, employers can show how much they appreciate their Gen X employees in multiple ways including:

Signing Up For Curated Gift Boxes

With Gen Xers representing a group that is naturally curious and seeks out learning opportunities, employers can appeal to these employees by signing them up for Quarterly gift boxes, which feature items from biohack, culinary and literary curators they subscribe to.

Your employees are bound to appreciate a thoughtful gesture such as this.

Giving Department Store Gift Cards

According to an NPD Group and Wharton School joint study examining purchasing behavior of different generational groups, it found that Generation X "shoppers spend a greater share of their department store expenses on gift cards compared to other generations."

Knowing this fact allows employers to buy gift cards from major retail brands, such as Burlington and Home Depot, to show their appreciation to hard-working Generation X employees. 

Offering Mentorship & Training Opportunities 

A survey by Korn Ferry's Futurestep division revealed that 39 percent of Gen Xers want the "ability to make a difference" at their company. 

Employers can show their Generation X employees how much they appreciate their contributions at the workplace by providing Gen Xers with opportunities to mentor and train millennials, for example. 

Creating challenging yet rewarding opportunities can go a long way toward retaining great Generation X workers, while also keeping them engaged in their work.

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