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GiftCard Partners

GiftCard Partners provides customized B2B gift card services for merchants and retailers in the payment industry. Leading national brands rely on GiftCard Partners to meet their need for access to new distribution channels and increase top-line revenue. We sell and market our clients’ gift cards, helping companies select the right reward for the right program. Gift cards are used to engage people in employee recognition, customer rewards and loyalty programs, safety incentive programs, health and wellness programs, and motivation and sales incentive programs.
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Recent Posts

How To Boost Employee Productivity via Summer Wellness Activities

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, companies with comprehensive wellness programs see a nearly 8% increase in employees who reach their annual performance targets. Innovative strategies, such as summer wellness initiatives coupled with an effective incentive system like gift cards, could be your ticket to harnessing this potential in your business.

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How To Integrate Gift Cards into Your Customer Service Programs

Customer service is often associated with long hold times, complicated solutions and an overall bad experience for customers. These interactions are crucial moments in the customer journey that can make or break a relationship, so turning a negative into a positive can increase lifetime customer value exponentially.

When considering how to improve customer service, gift cards are a great way to integrate rewards into your service experience and leave customers with positive memory of their interaction. This blog will outline how integrating gift cards into customer service programs can help enhance customer experience, boost loyalty and retention, build positive associations with customer support and improve the overall customer experience.

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Maximizing Gift Card Sales: Best Practices for SMBs and Mid-Market Retailers

Gift cards have become a popular choice for shoppers and a lucrative revenue stream for retailers. For small and mid-market businesses (SMBs), leveraging gift cards effectively can make a significant impact on sales and customer engagement. In this blog, we will explore best practices specifically tailored to SMBs and mid-market retailers to help maximize their gift card sales and drive business growth.

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How Businesses Use Gift Cards to Strengthen Their Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs can range in size, scope and often budget. From a simple points system where customers can spend their way to discounts and rewards to elaborate loyalty programs with tiered incentives, customers thrive on the gamification of these programs, always looking for the next loyalty program incentive or to hit the next tier. From a company standpoint, loyalty programs are all about maximizing customer retention and lifetime value. As you consider what rewards to include in your program, there are many creative uses for gift cards in loyalty programs. This blog explains how you can use gift cards to build loyalty, extend lifetime value, increase referrals, advocacy and customer engagement.

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Customer Satisfaction in Travel: Elevate Experiences with Gift Card Incentives

In the highly competitive travel industry, customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in driving business success. To enhance customer experiences and foster loyalty, travel businesses are turning to innovative solutions like gift card incentives. In this blog, we will explore how Engage2Reward™ gift card ordering platform's features can elevate customer satisfaction and provide examples of how travel companies can leverage these features to create memorable experiences for their customers.

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