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GiftCard Partners provides customized B2B gift card services for merchants and retailers in the payment industry. Leading national brands rely on GiftCard Partners to meet their need for access to new distribution channels and increase top-line revenue. We sell and market our clients’ gift cards, helping companies select the right reward for the right program. Gift cards are used to engage people in employee recognition, customer rewards and loyalty programs, safety incentive programs, health and wellness programs, and motivation and sales incentive programs.
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Recent Posts

Stop Thinking of Your People as 'Employees'

If you're looking for a way inspire your workers, motivate them and get more out of your team in general,
LinkedIn has one big tip for you: stop thinking of them as 'employees.' Instead, start thinking of them as people. They're not interchangeable parts that you can tweak and change to get more work out of -- they're living, breathing, working people with personalities, priorities and passions. Get to know them. Ask your team what they want from life, individually. Then, work to support them and help them pursue their passions. Maybe it means tweaking hours or maybe it means granting a couple more vacation days. Maybe you can start offering remote work options. No matter what the change, allowing part of your workers' personal lives to creep into their working lives is natural and healthy. Not only will it make them happier and more productive, but it's also fair considering they're likely checking work emails and taking calls during their personal hours, right? So look at your team as your partners. Instead of thinking of them as employees who report to you, think of it as a team effort and see just how much you and your partners can achieve.
Want to hear more about why your company shouldn't have 'employees'? Read the full article on LinkedIn.

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The Power of Gift Cards Keeps on Giving

Although we all know that gift cards are nothing new, it's also clear that they're not going anywhere anytime soon. Much of their stable market has to do with the new digital trends and shifts happening within the gift card industry. With these shifts, comes a change in consumer perception of gift cards as well. Gift cards are a way for retailers to appeal to their consumers, making loyal shoppers out of many of their customers through gift card reward programs. But gift cards have also remained popular as purchases for, well, gifts. Much of this is due to convenience, especially with the growth of digital e-cards, which make it simple to purchase and send quickly and without waiting in line. For those retailers  looking to increase their gift card sales, however, they may have to offer a little something extra along with them. According to a new survey,
17 percent of consumers won't buy a gift card until they see a promotion of some sort happening along side it, and 23 percent take promotions into consideration when deciding where to buy their gift cards between competing retailers. But as anyone in retail or the gift card industry knows, no matter how the technology or promotions change, gift cards will always give customers an incentive to visit your store, a gift that's priceless.
Statistics are courtesy of Incentive -- read the full article here.

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Trends in Mobile Payment

Mobile payment is an increasingly popular trend. This makes a ton of sense when we look at the increase in overall mobile activity, from sales to marketing to everyday use. But when it comes to mobile payment, the steady rise is sure to affect everyone from retailers and merchants to those in the gift card business. In this
infographic, by e-complish, we can learn a lot about mobile payment trends and growth. In 2012 mobile payments only amounted to $1.5 million, but by the following year, that number had grown to $4.5 million, showing the exponential growth that the mobile payment industry is currently seeing. The U.S. and China are two of the leading countries in mobile use, meaning that they'll also be key countries for growth in mobile payments. Sixty one percent of U.S. adults own a smartphone, meaning that mobile payments will likely spread to many of those 61 percent, if they haven't already. Mobile payments crept into the payment systems and now have skyrocketed in popularity. It has been predicted that by the year 2025, as much as 20 percent of all purchases will be made on a mobile device. Because of the new trend, we're also seeing a growth in mobile payment apps and "mobile wallets." Keep your eye out for larger shifts in technology as we see more and more consumers paying for purchases on their mobile devices.  

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CVS Caremark Makes New SEO, Ecommerce Team

In a time when every industry has gone digital, it makes sense that companies begin to center their workforces around the increase in technology. That's why it is believed that the forward-thinking CVS Caremark has established a new IT branch devoted solely to ecommerce and SEO. According to some experts, the new group will work as the middleman between marketing and IT in an effort to take the company's digital strategy to the next level. For many brands, SEO is a very IT-owned endeavor, while for others, marketing tends to manage this side. It makes sense that companies devote someone to this branch in itself, however, to make sure that the right amount of technological and marketing emphasis are placed with the SEO efforts. It's important to note that most of this is speculation. Right now, CVS Caremark has listed six jobs related to the IT digital team, which is leading
some to speculate about this new shift in SEO management. Some also wonder where mobile falls into this game plan. Which team manages the way mobile versions of sites will run? It's an interesting shift that may change the way many large brands function down the road. Are dedicated mobile teams a trend somewhere in the industry's future?
Read the full article on Press Any Key.

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Key Shifts in the Gift Card Industry

Trends in the gift card industry are changing. Many of the shifts are due to new technology and advances in the digital world. Some are based on pure convenience. From social media to e-gift cards, here are some of the largest gift card trends right now:
A Change in Channel Where users buy their gift cards is changing in a big way. In only one year, in-person gift card sales have decreased by 10 percent, from 61 to 51 percent of all card sales. Online purchases, on the other hand, grew by 10 percent, which leads us to believe that those 10 percent who are no longer buying their gift cards in person are now buying them online.
Social Media Gift Cards Although still on the low end, this new way to buy and use gift cards is gaining momentum. You may see these card offerings on Facebook when it's your friend's birthday, or even when you visit a retailer's page who's very tapped in to the social world. There are now several opportunities to both buy and redeem gift cards directly through social platforms, such as Facebook. Now, over eight percent of gift card purchasing is done through social media.
E-Gift Cards Grow E-gift cards are definitely one of the fastest growing trends in the card industry. In just one year, the amount of people who bought e-gift cards grew by 15 percent, from 21 to 36 percent. The growth of this trend makes sense, what with the ease and convenience of digital gift cards. Plus, more and more retailers are now offering these as an option.
Gift Card Apps There is now new technology that allows users to store their gift cards in their phone via app, taking the idea of digital gift cards to a whole new level.

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