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The Best Corporate Gift this Holiday: Gift Cards

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Did you know that over the last 9 years, gift cards have been one of the most requested holiday gifts? Almost 60% of consumers that celebrate the holiday season would prefer to receive a gift card over any other holiday gift. Let’s take a closer look at why gift cards make the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your corporate gift list.

What makes gift cards the best corporate gift for the holidays?

Gift cards make corporate gift giving easy – and they appeal to employees, customers, clients, and vendors. You can customize the brand of gift card you give and the personal message behind it, while the person redeeming the gift card can customize their experience. 

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Discounts – When purchasing gift cards in bulk you don’t have to wait for Black Friday deals or special sales.  Gift cards can be ordered at any time with generous volume discounts.

Additional savings – Traditional corporate gifts, things like chocolate and other merchandise, often comes with hefty shipping costs.  Gift cards ship free, and to take it a step further, e-gift cards not only ship free, but can be sent immediately for instant gratification.

Gift-giving made easy – Cross everyone off your holiday shopping list quickly. A gift card to a top restaurant appeals to everyone and yet still allows the recipient to have a personalized experience.  An employee may take his family out for a special dinner; a vendor may treat another client; or a customer may appreciate trying out a new dish.

Lasting Impression – A piece of plastic or an email may not seem memorable at first, but giving a gift that allows someone to get what they truly want or need can leave the recipient with a positive lasting impression of you and your business.  For example, in times of economic hardship, a gift card to CVS Pharmacy may not seem glamourous, but for the employee trying to make ends meet, you just helped pay for this month’s medication.

Appeals to Millennials – Millennials now make up the largest share of the American workforce.  Gift cards, along with technology, rank highly with this group. 60% of Millennials love holiday shopping – and not only are they buying gift cards for their family and friends, but they’re also buying gift cards for themselves. What better way to make a lasting impression than to give a holiday gift card?

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