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365 by Whole Foods Embodies Millennial Mindset

The new concept store, 365 by Whole Foods, seeks to provide a grocery store with the Whole Foods quality, at a lower price point, in a smaller package for the simpler, less involved shopper. Sound like someone you know? Maybe a millennial? You’ve got it. 365 by Whole Foods isn’t just cheaper, but there are other overarching components that prove that it embodies the millennial mindset on a larger scale.

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Whole Foods Locations to Increase

Whole Foods locations will be increasing almost three-fold in the coming years. America's healthiest grocery store saw an 8% increase in sales in their third quarter, a record $3.6 billion. Strong cash flow and increased revenue have allowed room for this expansion. To start, Whole Foods has recently signed 8 new leases for both Whole Foods Market and the first opening of 365 by Whole Foods Market Stores, expected to hit the scene in 2016. 365 by Whole Foods is a new convenient and affordable way to get all the food you crave, 365 days a year. Grocery staples, fresh produce, prepared foods and more with the same quality standards as a typical Whole Food store.

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