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3 Tips To Increase Employee Loyalty

Employee loyalty can be considered a dying principle in today’s professional environment. However, all organizations are looking to increase employee loyalty and lower their turnover rate.

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Motivating Your Sales Team with Rewards

While motivating your sales team can be a difficult task, it’s a crucial factor in the overall success of your organization. Highly motivated sales professionals are more engaged with their work and have lower levels of absenteeism. They also help your business thrive by both acquiring and maintaining loyal and recurrent clients or customers.

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Happy National Employee Appreciation Day!

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day. Did you know that? If you missed it you’re not alone. In a day and age where employee appreciation is paramount to workplace environment and culture, how can we not know about this seemingly important day? Here’s a quick FAQ guide to ensure you show employee appreciation appropriately all year round.

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7 Employee Recognition Ideas Worth Using

Great employee recognition ideas can really help your company grow. Companies with a solid employee recognition strategy have stronger employee engagement, decreased turnover, and higher productivity. Making your employees feel valued and respected is the right way to start your employee recognition plan.

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Every Day Is Employee Appreciation Day

Employee appreciation day is typically celebrated on the first Friday in March, but don’t get discouraged if you didn’t get a chance to celebrate your employees. Appreciating your employees shouldn't come once a year. Here are some great ideas other companies have implemented to appreciate their workforces.

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