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3 Corporate Gift Ideas That Show Appreciation

Last Minute Gift Ideas That Shows Appreciation
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The Golden Rule(s) of Employee Appreciation

Our parents all taught is the golden rule. "Do unto others as your would have done to you." In instances of employee appreciation, we broke it down into 3 key rules. If employees are appreciated at the right times and in the right ways, their tenure with the company will be longer and no one will go home and complain about work or their boss or the annoying colleague two cubes down. Here's what we came up with. Have additional suggestions? Leave us a comment.

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Employee Appreciation that Works

Employee appreciation is a great tool when used properly. When not used properly employee appreciation efforts can be ineffective and can cost an organization money with no ROI. Ensure your employee appreciation program works for you and your employees by following 3 easy steps.

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Employee Appreciation Boosts Employee Loyalty

In a world where employee loyalty and engagement can sometimes be constantly on the decline, it is important for employers to show their top performing employees they appreciate and care about their efforts on a more frequent basis. Here are a few staggering statistics about employee loyalty and engagement over the last yearfrom a recent analysis of Mercer's 2011 
What's Working survey of 2,400 U.S. employees and 30,000 employeesworldwide:

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Employee Appreciation Goes A Long Way

Everyone wants to feel appreciated at their jobs. We all work hard and it validates our hard work when our boss, or the head of our department, recognizes our efforts. A new study out by Globoforce Research entitled "The Growing Influence of Employee Recognition,” indicated that 78% of employees would work harder and more efficiently if their work was appreciated by management The study also found that 81% of employees claimed recognition of hard work from management made them more satisfied with their current position at their company. These numbers speak for themselves and from an HR and management perspective employee appreciation pays for itself. Investing in employees leads to greater workplace efficiency, higher retention rates and job satisfaction, and happier employees. Employee appreciation can take many forms, including gift cards to major retailers such as 
The Limited, and 
Whole Foods Market, as well as extra paid time off, or special employee privileges. Showing employees you appreciate their extra effort and commitment to the organization can go a long way. More efficiency, less turnover, and happier employees all affect an organizations bottom line. Make the effort to show employee appreciation and take note of the greater organizational impact.
For more information on employee appreciation check out this article from TalentManagement.com.

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