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The Latest Tools to Boost Employee Motivation & Productivity

Looking for the latest trends in employee motivation, engagement, incentives and rewards? In this month’s GCP eNews edition,
you’ll  find the
Tools to Boost Employee Motivation & Productivity, including: -          Wellness Programs in the Workplace: Technology that Inspires Healthy Living – for Mind and Body -          eNews Interactive: 4 Apps to Keep You On-Time and On-Task -          Wrapping up the Holiday: Improving Productivity during the Holiday Season -          The Safety Zone: The Key to a Successful Safety Program -         
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Employee Gifting Gone Right, Ideas Under $50

Contrary to popular belief it’s not always about the amount you spend on your holiday workplace gifts that shows how much you appreciate your employees hard work throughout the year. Breaking the bank need not be a concern when choosing the best way to thank employees this holiday season. Entrepreneur’s Margie Zable Fisher highlights some creative, thoughtful, fun and cost efficient gift ideas in several categories:
Two words sum up this category:
Sweet Tooth. Holidays are the time of year to indulge in the sweeter things in life. Try giving a box of fine chocolates or a basket of cupcakes from a local bakery, they’re sure to please.
Stress relief- Everyone is a little stressed out this time of year. Give them something to soothe their nerves. Herbal teas or aromatherapy products make great gift baskets.
Technology- It’s impossible to go anywhere and not see someone with an iPhone or iPad. Help employees protect their gadgets with cool cases or accessories.
Gift Cards- Some people are just impossible to shop for and that’s the beauty of gift cards. Give the gift of a night out of the kitchen with gift cards to
The Cheesecake Factory or help out with everyday purchases with gift cards to
Check out more great gift ideas from Entrepreneur’s ‘Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50: Thirty thoughtful employee gifts for small businesses on a budget.’

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Making Employee Gifts Meaningful

As the holiday season approaches it is important to show appreciation for your employees, and ensure that end of year gifts that go beyond the standard holiday bonuses provide meaning and extra gratitude for employees. Here are 3 quick quick tips to make sure your employee gifts prove meaningful this year and motivate your employees:

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5 Tips for Motivating A Virtual Workforce

Virtual workforces, like the atmosphere we share at GiftCard Partners, are becoming more and more common as we can work together and share projects through digital channels. However, virtual workforces need alternate forms of employee engagement and motivation. Fostering team camaraderie and sharing common goals requires innovative solutions from organizational management. Here are 5 ways to motivate your virtual workforce, from an employee of a virtual company who couldn't help writing about such a relevant topic!

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Holiday Rewards: Going Beyond the Christmas Bonus

Although the holidays are still 3 months away now is the time to begin planning your end of year employee rewards. For many companies money is still tight, and often end of year bonuses are still not in the budget. There are still many effective ways to reward your employees at the end of the year. These rewards are the most important rewards you give all year, as they are what will motivate your workforce into 2013. Many companies give out gift cards during the holiday season, often to restaurants like the
Cheesecake Factory. These cards allow employees to enjoy a meal out with their friends and/or family, helping to ease their seasonal financial constraints. Other organizations are giving out gift cards to promote healthy living such as the
CVS/pharmacy Select card, to help employees make good on their New Year’s Resolutions. Other organizations wait until the craziness of the holidays has subsided and throw a big party for employees in January, offering a chance for employees to decompress and enjoy spending time together, outside of the office. However you choose to reward your employees this holiday season, ensure that the rewards you choose are effective in motivating and rewarding your workplace demographic. Give the employees what they want, so they can continue to use their expendable energy on reaching company goals in 2013.
For more information on how best to reward your employees this holiday season check out this article in British Marketing Week.

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