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3 Tips for Effective Employee Recognition

Whether we know it or not we are living in a professional environment where there is an effective employee recognition gap. That means employees don’t feel recognized and it's an employers responsibility to work on closing that gap. According to a survey commissioned by
recognition company OGO, 82% of employed Americans feel that their superiors are not recognizing them for their contributions. That lack of recognition can take a toll, not only on morale and productivity, but ultimately the overall productivity of the employee, their team, and the organization.

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Writing an Employee Recognition Letter

Employee recognition has become a worthwhile investment. A 2015 report from employee recognition provider, Globoforce, indicated that 81% of companies now offer some type of formal recognition program. Recognition comes in many shapes and sizes and can vary depending on the individual, the situation, and the budget. But no matter what form recognition takes, it’s important that it’s thoughtful and valued by the recipient. Writing an employee recognition letter is an excellent way to show employees that time and effort were taken. It gives you the opportunity to specifically identify what goal was met or the hard work an individual or team put into a particular project or task. Writing an employee recognition letter can also be a substitute for instances when

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Don’t Screw Up Employee Recognition

Done right, an employee recognition program can promote loyalty, boost motivation, and increase productivity. But a lot of employee recognition programs get it wrong. We know this because the programs aren’t successful, and while money is being put into programs year after year, the end goal isn’t met. So how do you avoid investing in a program that fails? FastCompany identifies 3 of the most common screw-ups:

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Why Cash Rewards Don’t Motivate

We talked before about the shift in reward and incentive programs. Employers must now take into account that each workplace is usually comprised of 3 different generations, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Each of these generations defines a “valuable reward” in different ways. This shift in rewarding now involves turning away from the idea of general cash rewards and taking a more personalized approach to the individuals you are trying to motivate or reward.

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3 Employee Engagement Trends to Consider in 2016

Employee engagement remains a critical part of HR programs and a big challenge going further into 2016. While every expert is discussing engagement trends, here are three trends to help you get started in boosting your employee engagement.

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