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4 Bonuses for Mobile Payments

Consumers have begun an organic transition into mobile payments and digital currencies. They are slowly filing cash, check, and credit cards right into the history book, next to the floppy disks and video tapes.

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Employee Motivation Affects Your Bottom Line

Employees can be your greatest advocate or a horrible detriment to your customer interactions. They are face of your brand, and can create exceptional customer experiences that last in the minds of your customers or they can create bad experiences that leave a horrible bad taste in your consumers' mouths. Here are 3 ways that, when motivated, your employees can
positively affect your bottom line.

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Key Concepts to the ROI for Gift Cards

Gift cards are versatile and make as good an employee reward as they do a sales driver to promote your brand.
First Data has released its 2014 Consumer Insights Survey, and it shows that gift cards can do as much for sales numbers as they can for motivating employees toward organizational goals. Here are two key components from the survey.

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Dangers to Avoid When Gifting Gift Cards

It’s no secret that gift cards are the most popular item on almost everyone’s wish list this year. Innovations in the gift card industry have made gift cards more secure and easier than ever to use. The average gifted gift card is around $50 and the most popular categories are restaurants, department stores, and coffee shops. Though your gift card will be a well-received gift, there are a few things you should know about this year’s gift cards before you make that final purchase:

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Gift Cards + Smartphones= Mobile Payment Adoption?

We are about a quarter of the way through a very intense holiday shopping season. It's time for a check in on what
consumers are talking about buying, and what devices they are talking about buying them on. What consumers do this holiday season is a good indicator of how employers can and should distribute gift cards for employee rewards next year. According to a
new study from
InComm, a point of sale provider, 74% of consumers are planning to buy a digital gift card this year. Even more interesting is that 90% of millenials (shoppers 18-35) indicated more interest in digital gift cards this year than in 2013.
Fun fact: Gift cards came in 2nd, topped only by clothing for the gift internet users plan to give this season. If the post-holiday numbers hold these predictions true, we could have the catalyst for the shift to mobile payments. While some of these digital cards will be used for online (desktop) purchases,  79% of millenials have interest in using gift cards on their phones. If consumers use gift cards on their phones, it may reduce the anxiety about mobile payments. However, more immediately, it may provide a more convenient delivery method of employee rewards. Delivering gift cards directly to smartphones and tablets helps prevent lost cards and unused rewards, reducing the trophy value and lasting memory of the employer's investment.

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A better way to buy gift cards in bulk

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