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Are Workplace Wellness Programs Fostering Healthier Employees?

It’s un-debatable that more employers than ever are starting health and wellness initiatives since the inception of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). There are tax benefits for employers who offer health and wellness programs and we’ve seen lots of studies about how incentives like gift cards for success compliment these programs by driving interest, engaging participants, while boosting benefits packages and lowering health care costs.

But, the most important (and complex) question: Are employers really building healthier minds and bodies, while also increasing productivity? What about for the long term? A recent survey of more than 30,000 Ceridian LifeWorks participants presents us with a “YES!!”, via these results1:

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From our eNews: Step-by-Step Fundraising

GCP publishes
eNewsletters focused on health and wellness and incentive topics (sponsored by CVS/pharmacy) and we also publish partner sponsored
eNews, which includes research, editorials and aggregated news stories to keep you informed on innovative gift card programs, legal and legislative issues and cutting edge gift card technologies. Fundraising and Scrip is a core program use for our gift cards. Check out this Fundraising eNews story:
Step-by-Step Fundraising:
What is Scrip? Scrip has been around for some 15 years; learn how this fundraising method has earned an estimated half billion dollars for charities nationwide. It's simple to raise money by shopping with gift cards for everyday purchases like clothing and dining. Learn more about
gift card fundraising with Scrip.
These cards are great choices for Scrip programs
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CVS Gift Card eNewsletter

Who's Leading the Pack in Digital Gift Cards? The Answer May Surprise You CVS Caremark ranks high in the best of the best as the in-store to web spend shift accelerates. A leading research company along with CashStar analyzed the various digital gift card offerings of
the Internet Retailer Top 100 online. The findings will surprise you!
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How do Small Businesses Feel About the Healthcare Overhaul? One third of small business owners NOT currently offering healthcare benefits say they will be more inclined to start offering those benefits this year.  The tax credits now available to small businesses offering healthcare to their employees is making a significant impact on how small business view their benefits packages and how they will offer them in the future. 
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HR Speak: What will You Gain from a Health & Wellness Incentive Program?
Are they Worth it? Employees of small businesses across the country are receiving rewards for healthy behavior both in and out of the office.  With the implementation of wellness programs in offices across the country, healthcare costs are decreasing for employers, and some of the saved money gets distributed to employees for healthy behavior.  Learn more about how your business could save money & how to make your employees healthier.
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Implement the Latest in eGift Cards from CVS Gift Cards have been taken to a new level of convenience with CashStar’s Mobile Gift Card App.  Using the CashStar app allows eGift Card recipients to redeem their gift cards directly from their phones in retail locations, including CVS!  The app creates a bar code with the value of the gift card allowing the cashier at the location to simply scan the bar code to apply the gift card.  To learn more about this secure, innovative and convenient technology,
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About CVS/pharmacy Gift Cards

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