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GiftCard Partners


Use eBay Gift Cards for Your Business

When you give an eBay gift card, you’re creating a world of possibilities for clients, coworkers, and the people you care about. That means whether they’re looking for something brand new, or just brand new to them, you give the easiest way to find it.

Give the gift of all gifts today! Minimum orders required.

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Start Your Bulk Order

Ordering eBay Gift Cards in Bulk

Give recipients a choice

Something for everyone

With billions of listings from over a million sellers, they can find the right item that’s right for them.

Quick and easy ordering options

Quick and Easy

Plastic and digital options available with fast shipping

Volume Discounts Available

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Who is GiftCard Partners?

GiftCard Partners has worked with America's leading gift card brands for over a decade.

We help companies select the best gift cards for their programs; from workplace safety, health and wellness, and employee recognition, to motivation and sales incentives, and customer loyalty rewards.

Click here to learn more about working with us to add corporate gift cards to your program.