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What do Groupon, Facebook and Gift Cards have in common?

They are all top of mind for consumers. As you read through this feature, consider what this could all mean for the B2B gift card market via incentives and loyalty programs. How can these programs be enhanced by social media and consumer trends like group couponing? Move over Groupon, Mr. 50 million strong. Facebook’s 600 million users are offered-up some of your group couponing action. But, is there really room for another Groupon?

Business Insider’s Groupon survey suggests YES, as they start to see Groupon’s regular users become less active over time…

Groupon users declining in use

Groupon's offers are presented via email with a secondary social media component (friends spread deals on Facebook). Now, as Groupon’s users start to wane on their activity, Facebook enters the group couponing market, but its social media site will be central to create an entirely social saving experience. Facebook’s spin on products it will offer…events and activities you want to do with friends. "We're building a product that is social from the ground up," says Emily White, director of local for Facebook. "All of these deals are things you want to do with friends, so no teeth whitening, but yes to river rafting." Coming to an office near you: Receive a
gift card for a restaurant as incentive from your employer, combine it with a great coupon deal on Facebook at that restaurant, and invite your friends to join you…ALL on Facebook. It’s coming soon: integration of employee incentives and the hottest online social trends. Interesting! Want to learn more about Groupon & how it’s being used? Check out
Everything You Need To Know About How People Use Daily Deals and get right to the
impressive survey results and visual charts here. Take a read of this article to learn more about
how Facebook is getting into the Facebook gets into the group-couponing business.

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