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Drop Off Your Old Prescriptions...Get a CVS/Pharmacy Gift Card!

Seems pretty simple right? Last weekend Palm Beach County FLorida was offering its residents $5 gift cards to CVS/Pharmacy in return for their old, expired prescription drugs.  The effort was a response to the Obama Administration's 11 page plan, released last week, to combat prescription drug abuse in America.  So instead of running the risk of someone in your house getting ahold of your old medicine, or needing to flush the pills down the toilet, people actually got rewarded for a simple service to make their community safer.
To read more about "Operation Medicine Cabinet" in Palm Beach County click here. Buy-back programs are a really nice way to use gift cards.  Another example of successful buy-back programs are for guns.  Communities often hold gun buy-back programs, where people can bring in guns they do not use in exchange for a gift card.  This type of program could be applied to many different types of items that, when turned in, make a community more safe and secure.

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