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Small Business Innovation: GoPayment

This week Verizon Wireless and Intuit introduced technology that is changing the face of small and medium sized businesses.  Ever been to your local mom and pop shop, only to discover they are hesitant or unable to take your credit card? Well fear no more, for all of you carrying around cash-less wallets, this new technology will come in handy for you! Intuit and Verizon Wireless rolled out the GoPayment system, a mobile app for a smartphone or tablet, with a small, pocket-sized credit card reader that actually transforms your mobile device into a credit card reader.  Compatible with Android, Blackberry, and iOS the GoPayment system allows businesses to give any customer the option of paying with plastic, instead of having to turn down potential business.  GoPayment allows users to add tips, taxes, and even syncs with newer versions of Quickbooks, which basically means the accounting for small businesses will do itself, if this system is implemented.  This is the answer for small businesses, mobile businesses, or any business that is eager to bring ease of payment to its clients.  How would you use this system? Do you feel secure with a system like this housing your financial information? Do you think it could be used as instant gratification for employee rewards and sale of gift cards? Let us know what you think about GoPayment by leaving a comment!  
For more information on Intuit and Verizon Wirless' GoPayment system click here.

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