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Give gift cards as benefits and rewards...the right way

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Giving gift cards as benefits and rewards can be extremely effective when used correctly. Here are some quick tips to maximize the effect of your gift card employee reward program.
1. Don’t award too many cards too often- Maintain the trophy value of the rewards by only giving rewards when specific goals or targets are reached.
2. Don’t wait to give the gift cards to winners- Spot rewards can be even more meaningful, with more trophy value given their surprise nature.
3. Do include public recognition- Make sure other employees know why recipients earned their reward, so they can become positive role models for the rest of the staff.
4. Don’t use gift cards as extra compensation or a pay bonus- Use gift cards as rewards for desired behavior or upon completion of reaching a goal.
5. Do combine the cards with an overall incentive program- For example; if your organization runs a health and wellness program, use a gift card to reward employees who reach their health and fitness goals.
6. Don’t get too narrow with card choices- Giving a wide variety of card choices makes the reward more useful for employees.
7. Do tell employees about any limitations or conditions on a gift card- Be up front about expiration dates or conditions to using the reward, so employees know what to expect and can use their cards in an appropriate timeframe.  
For more information on the best ways to use gift card as incentives, rewards, and benefits check out this Business Management Daily article.

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