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Midsized Companies Continue to Adopt Health and Wellness Programs

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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An increasing number of mid-sized companies continue to adopt health and wellness programs to help manage health care costs, and promote wellness within their workplace. According to a new study out by the ADP Research Institute and The Vitality Group, companies who use Health and Wellness programs save almost six dollars for every one dollar invested in the program. These savings are attributed to improvement in employee health leading to a 27% reduction in employee sick leave, a 26% reduction in health costs and a 32% decrease in workers' compensation and disability claims. These numbers are staggering; with a 168% increase in health care premiums between 1999 and 2011 almost all midsize companies are citing control of health care costs as an organizational priority. Health and wellness programs don’t just stop at controlling costs, but also give employers the chance to boost employee morale, and create camaraderie among colleagues. Health and wellness programs are often goal based, whether that goal is reaching a certain weight, achieving a certain blood pressure, or raising fitness levels to reduce the risk of costly conditions such as diabetes. When colleagues support each other and empower each other to reach goals,professional relationships grow and professional peers begin to work better together. Providing small rewards as "carrots" in a health and wellness program is effective in motivating employees as well. When an employer provides small incentives such as gift cards to retailers such as 
GNC or 
CVS/Pharmacy to help employees along their journey to a healthier lifestyle, employees feel supported and empowered. This type of empowerment can leave lasting effects on an employee’s motivation in their work and in their loyalty to the organization that invested in their personal future. Health and Wellness programs do help control costs, but they also help to motivate employees and maintain employee loyalty.

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