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For Safety Sake, Launching an Effective Safety Program

Posted, by Lauren McAuley
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An effective safety program is one that works. Sounds obvious right? Well maybe not. It’s important to break down your safety program and ensure that each part works efficiently and with a clear goal in mind. The Michigan Municipal Workers’ Compensation Fund outlines just that in their Safety and Health Resource Manual. These components are important to keep in mind when evaluating your safety program:

  • Creating the Program- Your approach depends on several aspects that are important to keep in mind based on your organization such as the nature and size of your operations, how many employees you have, number of locations, and the budget you have to work with.
  • What’s Your Objective?- Is it clear to your employees, or for that matter, to you. Define an objective and be sure that everything you do going forward relates back to it.
  • Targeting the Correct Participants- Identify which employees need to be involved in order to meet the objective.
  • Find a Focus- Having a central theme is key. Makes the objective clear.
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A safety program is made up of much more than hard hats and protective eye wear and it’s important to communicate a clear idea of what that is with your workers.
Check out more ideas, tips and advice for starting your own safety program from the full Safety Incentive Programs Manual from Michigan Municipal Workers’ Compensation Fund here.  

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