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Employee Success Summed Up

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Employee success Employee success is more likely to occur and has greater impact when it's shared by a team. Humans are social beings and we work better in groups. The word along the side is not subliminal messaging...it's meant to grab your attention.
Tell employees when they are on the right track. Open communication is key and it should go both ways, make   feedback a 360-degree process.
Everyone's opinion matters. Gather opinions and ideas from all levels of your team. Experience doesn't always mean innovative thinking.
Always reward success. No matter if it's an exceptional job on an individual project or a long career full of exceptional service, giving even small rewards like
gift cards can be highly effective in evoking repeat behavior.
Mix it up! Make sure employee working groups change. The more diverse working environments become, the more kinds of success employees get to experience. Cross-team collaboration is also a great team building exercise. For more information on employee success and how to promote it through team building check out Derek Irvine's
"Recognize This!" blog.    

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