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GiftCard Partners

GiftCard Partners provides customized B2B gift card services for merchants and retailers in the payment industry. Leading national brands rely on GiftCard Partners to meet their need for access to new distribution channels and increase top-line revenue. We sell and market our clients’ gift cards, helping companies select the right reward for the right program. Gift cards are used to engage people in employee recognition, customer rewards and loyalty programs, safety incentive programs, health and wellness programs, and motivation and sales incentive programs.
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Top 10 Employee Recognition Ideas for the New Year

We often end the year thinking about employee recognition, filled with employee gifting, awards programs and peer-driven recognition opportunities. However, it’s just as important to be thinking about employee recognition to start the year as it is in December. So, for 2024, start your new year off right with our top 10 employee recognition ideas. Discover creative ways to show appreciation, boost morale and foster a culture of recognition within your organization all year round. 

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Improving Employee Satisfaction: Gift Cards in Business

Employee satisfaction is the baseline metric for creating a workplace that employees are loyal to and excited to come to work for each day. According to a recent Pew Research study, only about half of American workers claim to be extremely or very satisfied with their jobs. Boosting satisfaction helps employers drive productivity in the workplace and employee retention over the long term. Keep reading to learn how gift card rewards can improve employee satisfaction by driving motivation, boosting engagement and maintaining job satisfaction amongst employees. 

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Generational Favorites: Top eGift Card Ideas for Employee and Customer Appreciation

Finding the ideal holiday gifts for your employees and customers can be a challenging task. This article is here to make your life easier by providing you with a range of thoughtful and versatile eGift card ideas that will show your appreciation. Regardless of your business size or the types of employees you have, you’ll find some value here.

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The Top Last-Minute eGift Cards Every Company Needs for Year-End Celebrations

The holiday season is officially upon us and if you haven’t lined up gifts for your employees and clients, you might be scrambling. While this can be stressful, there’s no need to worry. Last minute eGift cards for year-end can still arrive in time to reach recipients before they take off for the holidays. In order to be effective and efficient corporate holiday gifting solutions need to be quick to procure, easy to deliver and budget compliant. Read more to ensure your gifting is set up for success this holiday season with the Engage2Reward gift card ordering platform and the over 300 brands available to order.

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Digital Delights: Top Trending eGift Cards for Year-End Rewards

When it comes to rewarding employees and delighting your corporate partners, one option will rise above the rest: eGift cards, also known as digital gift cards. The ability to instantly deliver tokens of appreciation directly to your employees' inboxes or smartphones is the ultimate blend of convenience and connection. Plus, redeeming these digital treasures is remarkably simple with many merchants welcoming them both in-store and online. 

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