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GiftCard Partners

GiftCard Partners provides customized B2B gift card services for merchants and retailers in the payment industry. Leading national brands rely on GiftCard Partners to meet their need for access to new distribution channels and increase top-line revenue. We sell and market our clients’ gift cards, helping companies select the right reward for the right program. Gift cards are used to engage people in employee recognition, customer rewards and loyalty programs, safety incentive programs, health and wellness programs, and motivation and sales incentive programs.
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The Great Debate: Which is Better - eGift Cards or Physical Gift Cards?

In the realm of employee recognition and rewards, a pivotal question lingers: Which gift card type best captures the essence of recognition? Choosing the right form of gift card can be a strategic game-changer. This article delves into the age-old debate of eGift cards versus physical gift cards, offering insights into generational preferences, the power of data & statistics, and pros & cons of both. In addition, it will introduce the revolutionary Engage2Reward™ Choice Card as the ultimate solution to cater to diverse workforce tastes.

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Boosting Healthcare Member Retention & Participation with Gift Card Incentives: Real-Life Use Cases

Have you ever considered the allure of gift card incentives? Beyond their obvious monetary value, how might their strategic use transform industries, especially in the realm of healthcare? When well-implemented, gift card incentives not only boost healthcare member retention but also improve healthcare participation remarkably. Let's dive into how leading organizations have harnessed the power of gift cards.

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Why Customer Loyalty and Retention Are Crucial During Q4

In the world of business, customers are undeniably one of the most valuable assets a company possesses. They are the lifeblood that keeps a business thriving, and their importance becomes magnified during the fourth quarter (Q4). In this article, we'll delve into why nurturing customer loyalty and retention is paramount during this period and explore how gift cards can be leveraged to demonstrate customer appreciation, foster current and future customer loyalty, enhance customer service interactions, and drive year-end sales.  

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Boost Your Q4 Sales with Gift Card Incentives: Incentivize Customers & Employees

As businesses approach the final quarter of the year, a time marked by increased consumer spending, they must leverage every tool at their disposal to meet year-end targets. Gift card incentives are emerging as a strategic advantage. During the crucial Q4, when holiday promotions are in full swing and companies are making a final push to meet their goals, gift cards represent a unique opportunity to engage with the market and drive sales. This article will discuss some ways to take advantage of this opportunity.  

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Boost Your Employees' Q4 Performance with Visa® Reward Cards

Gearing up for the final quarter of the year can be tough. Employees that are behind on goals may feel like they don’t have a chance to catch up, and those ahead of their goals  often set their work to cruise control and start planning for January. So how can employers strike a balance between motivation and engagement for all employees? Incentivize and reward employees with Visa® Reward Cards however their annual goals are tracking. Read more to learn how using Visa Reward Cards in Q4 can build momentum, spark motivation, and motivation, engage employees.

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