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How Healthcare Programs Boosted Engagement with Pharmacy Gift Cards

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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How can a health rewards program transform the way healthcare organizations engage with members and incentivize healthier behaviors? In the evolving landscape of healthcare, innovative strategies are crucial to encourage healthy behaviors and improve member engagement. Gift cards from major pharmaceutical brands, integrated through the Engage2Reward™ Gift Card Ordering Platform, have proven to be effective tools in these efforts. Below, we explore two real-life applications of this strategy in managed care and home-based healthcare settings.  

Managed Care Organization: Promoting Health in New York City  

In New York City, a non-profit organization dedicated to managed medical care sought to enhance the well-being of its community through accessible Medicare and Medicaid health plans. The goal was to incentivize the completion of various healthcare metrics, such as breast cancer screenings, hearing checks, dental visits, and vaccinations. For this purpose, they needed a partner with deep expertise in the healthcare industry. Enter GiftCard Partners and the Engage2Reward Platform, which facilitated a seamless setup for their incentive program.  

Key Highlights:  

  • Targeted Incentives: The organization opted for a gift card from a major pharmaceutical brand, specifically chosen to promote health and encourage healthy behaviors. 
  • Program Implementation: Through the Engage2Reward Platform, they could efficiently manage the distribution and redemption of these gift cards, cutting down on the administrative overhead of mailing physical rewards by hand and reducing reward processing time by 50%. 
  • Outcome: The incentive program led to increased engagement in preventative health measures, higher member satisfaction rate, and improved overall community health metrics. 

This case exemplifies how targeted rewards can effectively motivate beneficial health actions in a managed care context.  

Home-Based Healthcare Service: Reengaging Elderly and Chronically Ill Members 

A home-based healthcare service faced the challenge of reengaging older adults and those with chronic medical conditions within a Medicare health plan. Tasked with improving engagement across a population of 9,000 members, they turned to the Engage2Reward Platform after internal efforts fell short.  

Key Highlights:  

  • Strategic Incentives: Each member was offered a $100 gift card from a major pharmaceutical brand upon scheduling and completing an in-home health assessment.  
  • Customized Approach: To enhance brand recognition and the personal touch, the gift cards were distributed with custom physical mailing carriers.  
  • Proven Impact: The program significantly contributed to closing healthcare effectiveness data and information set (HEDIS) gaps, demonstrating a direct correlation between the gift card incentives and the completion of crucial health assessments.  

This scenario illustrates the power of strategic incentives in boosting member participation and achieving significant health outcomes in a home-based setting.  

Considering implementing a similar strategy in your health rewards program? Learn more about how gift card incentives can be used to generate success in healthcare programs. 


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Why Gift Cards?  

Gift cards are a powerful solution in the toolkit of health incentives. They offer several advantages:  

  • Choice: Gift cards provide recipients the freedom to choose what best suits their health and wellness needs, whether it’s medication, healthy groceries, or personal care items.  
  • Encouragement: By rewarding positive health actions, gift cards reinforce good behaviors and encourage ongoing commitment to health and wellness.  
  • Accessibility: With widespread availability, these gift cards ensure that incentives are within easy reach of a diverse member population, including those in underserved areas.  
  • Financial Support: Gift cards serve as a valuable source of supplemental income during times of inflationary pressure, assisting individuals in purchasing essential health goods and other necessities, thus contributing to their overall well-being. 

Incorporating gift cards into your wellness incentives program can catalyze significant improvements in member engagement and staff motivation. The success stories from two healthcare organizations illustrate this point vividly.  

Leveraging the Engage2Reward Platform  

Both case studies highlight the Engage2Reward Platform’s role in simplifying the management of health incentive programs:  

  • Customization: Allows for the creation of tailored incentive programs that resonate with specific member groups, as well as campaign management with customizable reporting. 
  • Efficiency: Provides a streamlined, user-friendly interface for both administrators and recipients.  
  • Flexibility: Offers a wide range of options, including direct delivery, bulk ordering, physical cards, digital cards, and more, catering to diverse requirements. 

For healthcare organizations considering a similar approach, these case studies serve as compelling evidence of the effectiveness of integrating gift card incentives into health programs. The Engage2Reward Platform stands out as a vital tool for managing these programs, ensuring they are both impactful and easy to administer.  

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Moving Forward with Health Incentives  

As demonstrated by our two case studies above, the strategic use of gift cards in healthcare settings offers a promising avenue for promoting healthier behaviors and enhancing member engagement. Healthcare administrators looking to implement or enhance their own health rewards program may find valuable insights and practical strategies in these success stories.  

Learn more about Medicare/Medicaid health and wellness rewards. For tailored advice and solutions, engaging with our team through the Engage2Reward Platform can pave the way for successful program implementation and management, leading to healthier communities and improved healthcare outcomes.

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