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Creating Customer Loyalty, One Bite At A Time

Did you ever ponder what the restaurant and the real estate industries have in common? Imagine that as a conversation starter at your next party of social function!

The parallels are not widely published, but there are many commonalities between dining and home selling or buying. Both businesses rely heavily on repeat customers as a result of creating satisfied customers.

When a customer is pleased with a business, they are more likely to spread the good word to others, who will in turn patronize your business.

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How to Reconnect and Build Customer Relationships

For many real estate agents, the relationship between agent and customer ends when the closing is complete. Houses are a long term investment for most and aren’t a frequently purchased item. However, there are proven ways to not only reconnect with customers but to build customer relationships. Here are 4 ways to accomplish both.

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3 Steps for Measuring Customer Loyalty and Rewards

While getting a customer in your store for the first time is important, in order for your success in retail, the focus needs to be placed on repeat business. It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep one. Customer loyalty programs work well, but most businesses may be getting it wrong. Here are 3 steps for measuring customer loyalty and rewards ideas.
Track Customer Purchasing Habits  In order to measure the effectiveness of a loyalty program we need to record the number of new customer vs. the number of repeat customers. This is the very basic first step, tracking who is coming in and what they have purchased. The easiest way to obtain this information is through a connected POS system. A connected POS system automatically sets up customer profiles and tracks their purchases every time they return. This helps provide retailers with an insightful analysis of their customer base. Having linked loyalty cards/spending cards also helps in tracking customer purchases.
Calculate Important Metrics Simple metrics can help a retailer know whether or not their loyalty program is impacting their customers. Some important metrics to consider:

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Using Points and Miles to Take Customer Engagement and Rewards Farther

Almost everyone accrues points and miles one way or another. Whether it’s a credit card, an airline program, specific retailers, or an app, customer engagement and rewards elevate the relationships customers form with their vendors of choice. Here are three ways points or miles can help take customer engagement and rewards farther:

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The Relationship Between Engaged Employees and Loyal Consumers

In today's digital era, distinguishing insiders and outsiders within an organization is increasingly complex. This evolving landscape presents opportunities for brand ambassadors, positioning companies to excel on social media platforms, message boards, and blogs. Engaging employees fosters an environment where they naturally become positive brand representatives in online public spaces, effectively engaging consumers. Here's a comprehensive look at the crucial relationship between engaged employees, brand, and engaged consumers, along with actionable strategies:

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