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Increase Customer Experience to Increase Loyalty

The age old business model "give 'em what they want and they'll keep coming back" still rings true today. Customer experience is critical in maintaining repeat business which drives incremental revenue. Loyal customers also use word-of-mouth to refer their friends and family to your business. In the extremely competitive hotel industry, big chains and boutique hotels alike compete to give busy travelers what they went, when they want, where they want. Providing information to all of their devices and channels becomes critical to giving them the customer experience they need. According to a new study by Magnani Caruso Dutton here are the top 5 pieces of information travelers look for on a hotels mobile site or mobile app:

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The Power of Mom: How to Boost Brand Awareness & Repeat Business

In the bustling world of consumerism, one demographic holds a significant sway over household purchases, brand loyalty, and repeat business: moms. These influential decision-makers not only drive a substantial portion of household spending but also play a crucial role in shaping brand perceptions and driving repeat purchases. To harness the full potential of this demographic, brands must prioritize engaging moms with tailored strategies that foster brand loyalty and drive long-term growth.

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10 Ways Technology Enables Customer Loyalty

Achieving customer loyalty is no doubt one of the biggest challenges our clients face…it’s a moving target. Not only are consumer needs evolving by the day, but retail marketing is impacted by new consumer technologies, for online and brick-and-mortar buying. We have a general picture of how technology is effecting our brand content flow, buying experience, and rewards and loyalty – we are consumers ourselves and we participate in one or all of these brand experiences every day. But how are these technologies effecting our clients? They are retailers and merchants who partner with us to promote their gift cards in programs such as customer loyalty, engagement, and rewards. They are on the front lines of technology evolution, retail marketing, and customer loyalty and engagement and their challenges are multiplied by selling in the B2B marketplace. Check out the
Ten Ways Technology Can Enable Customer Loyalty Infographic posted on the Huffington Post online. 

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E-Gift Cards, a Popular Tool in Loyalty Programs

E-gift cards have become a popular choice in the B2B world as both an incentive and motivational tool. These virtual gems bring together the power of flexibility and convenience.

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Social Loyalty – An Evolution of Loyalty Programs

It’s a social world out there!  And loyalty programs are firmly embracing the concept of social loyalty, an extension of loyalty programs that supports customers’ actions on social channels. As a marketing and incentive engagement company, are you including a social loyalty component in your loyalty program offerings?

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