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Attracting Top Talent: The Employee Incentive You Have to Offer

Every company looks to attract the best people to their organization. Some offer signing bonuses, some offer an enhanced benefits package, but the key to attracting top young talent is flexibility. A flexible workplace is a perk that some employees are hesitant to offer for fear employees will take advantage. However, if you are truly attracting top talent they will likely adopt the motto "with great power comes great responsibility" and won't actually abuse the privilege. 39% of employees surveyed by Mom Corps indicated they have considered leaving or have actually left a job because the workplace wasn't flexible enough. This is an issue that hits close to home at GiftCard Partners, since we all work remotely, it is a uniquely flexible environment that allows some of our team to work full time when they would not otherwise be able to in a traditional office environment. Further more, employees are willing to give up a lot for a flexible environment. About half of U.S. adults surveyed would take a salary cut for increased workplace flexibility. Since most people work at least partially out of financially necessity, that is a staggering number. Workplace incentives are effective, but giving employees what they are looking for before they start sends a clear message that employees' time and talent is appreciated by the organization. Is your workplace flexible? Would you consider making your office more flexible? Let us know in the comments section.
For more information on flexible workplaces and how to attract top talent check out this article from Mashable.

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Working Remotely and Choice: The Latest Incentives for Generation Y?

Internet and social media immersion is without a doubt second nature to Gen-Yers, AKA, Millennials. As a Generation X-er and an early technology adopter; I can clearly see how our most recent generation of college grads were born 1 step from where I was.  We've seen some recent research around shopping habits, customer loyalty, and working tendencies of Generation Y; I’ll bring these findings together here to offer insight in the realm of employee motivation, incentives and loyalty. “45 percent of Millennials would accept a lower-paying job with more flexibility towards social media access, remote work and technology choice than a higher-paying job with less flexibility.
1” This is a pretty big number, but should not cause much surprise. As an entirely remotely operating company, GCP expects people to work this way, it’s in our company DNA. But we did not expect that almost 50% of a generation would prefer it. (YAY for us/GCP). Are you an employer who will rise to this challenge, knowing that embracing a remote working situation is a core motivator and a recruiting competitive advantage? In a recent national poll conducted by the No. Carolina firm of Public Policy
2; It was found that generations precluding Gen-Y, are skeptical about younger workers' work ethics, motivation and engagement in their workplace. Gen-Yer’s said this about their own generation:

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