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Attracting Millennials to Incentive Programs

LoyaltyOne recently took a deep dive into incentive programs and what exactly attracted millennials to them. Their study found that the majority, falling into a range of 18-29 years old, identified in-store experience as a top factor when it came to joining grocery-store reward programs. These in-store experiences also seem to go hand-in-hand with health and nutrition.

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Increase Your Company's Gift Card Sales

It's a question many brands face.
How can I increase my company's gift card sales? Perhaps you already have a point-person in charge of gift cards, or you're looking to adopt a gift card strategy for the first time. Either way, the opportunity is grand.
Gift cards are a mainstay - more than half of U.S. households report receiving a gift card in the last 12 months, and 85% of those recipients redeem the cards within the same time frame. Without a focused effort and a sound, smart plan for spreading the word and increasing awareness of your gift card program, it can be difficult to reach the many potential customers likely to be interested in your offer. We just
published a free guide that covers
five of the key strategies we've used with our clients over the last several years. From optimizing your in-store and online presence to thinking more strategically about third-party relationships and B2B programs, this guide is sure to help spark some ideas. Let us know what you think!
increase gift card sales

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Drive Incremental Sales with B2B Gift Card Program

Why is a B2B Gift Card Program so crucial? Take a look at this infographic to better understand how a well-designed and executed program generates incremental business. A well designed B2B gift card program can help you generate incremental business by:

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Just DAYS left to register for GCP’s U.S. Gift Card WEBINAR

      Registration is now closed but you can watch the recording!
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Customer Loyalty Concepts We Can Learn From

Loyalty360’s blog
Reflections From the Back of the Bus: The Challenge of Loyalty and Diets – Impacting Behavior!, sets an interesting stage for us to think about how “Back to School” effects our habits. It pulls together for us the fact that Americans, year after year, make commitments to diet, often by following the latest trend, and mostly ultimately failing, by returning to OLD habits. Why can’t people stay loyal to NEW behaviors, especially when we pay so much to try to obtain them? This article got me thinking that I need to keep up my running schedule into our New England cold seasons, but it also got me thinking about my shopping habits and how they shift at the end of summer. My 2 young boys (still) need new clothing, athletic gear, more classroom supplies, and a constant – larger influx of snacks and packable lunches. The fact is, my shopping is changing drastically at this time of year. Can retailers capture this ongoing change in behavior by sealing my customer loyalty deal? Or, will I be a target for loyalty rewards fads that are likely to fizzle by next school year? Since I work for
GiftCard Partners, who provides top retail brand
gift cards to the loyalty rewards and incentive marketplace; I have a pretty solid picture of customer loyalty landscape and what I can expect, as a consumer, of rewards programs…It will be interesting to see which programs can capture my back to school and school-year-long buying needs by this time next year. (Hint, I want gift cards or $$ to spend in your store!) See more at:
Reflections From the Back of the Bus: The Challenge of Loyalty and Diets – Impacting Behavior!

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