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Free Guide: How to Create Health & Wellness Programs That Lower Healthcare Costs

Chronic diseases cost healthcare providers and employers $36 billion annually. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to combat the risk chronic disease poses on patients and employees. Avoid high healthcare premiums and low productivity due to chronic illnesses by downloading our free guide. 

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Convincing Video on Incentive Based Corporate Wellness Programs

This is a really great overview
CBS news story about why and how incentive based health and wellness programs offer success to employers and employees. They are reporting on survey findings of $3.00 - $6.00 ROI on every $1 spent on health and wellness programs. Love how it worked out for the woman featured in this story! Cash and HRA contributions aren’t the only successful incentives; our corporate customers use
CVS gift cards,
CVS Select cards, and
Subway gift cards as their incentives and they report equally great results when implemented over the course of a few years.
Check out the CBS Health Watch video.  

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