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Top 5 Ways To Improve Employee Health in 2023

According to the CDC, it's estimated that chronic diseases cost healthcare providers and employers $36.4 billion dollars per year. As these costs skyrocket, employers are starting to ask themselves how they can better support employee health in the new year. From fostering work-life balance to rewarding employees for adopting healthy habits, we've outlined the top 5 ways employers can help improve employees' overall health.

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Free Guide: How to Create Health & Wellness Programs That Lower Healthcare Costs

Chronic diseases cost healthcare providers and employers $36 billion annually. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to combat the risk chronic disease poses on patients and employees. Avoid high healthcare premiums and low productivity due to chronic illnesses by downloading our free guide. 

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How to Keep Employees Healthy Over the Winter Months

Winter is here, which means seasonal illnesses will begin to surface. For employers, keeping healthy employees is paramount to reduce absenteeism and keep healthcare costs down. When employees call in sick, it can be very costly due to reduced productivity and increased employer healthcare costs. Especially this year, with the ever-present threat of COVID-19, staying healthy and putting preventative practices in place is vital to avoiding illness.

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The Most Effective COVID-19 Vaccination Incentives for Employees

COVID-19 has taken millions of lives worldwide and continues to be a huge threat. Thankfully with the vaccine rollout ramping up across the nation, we can expect the number of deaths and hospitalizations to slow down. Getting everyone vaccinated is important in moving towards herd immunity.

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How to Manage Remote Worker Stress with Wellness Incentive Programs

The debate over office vs. dispersed workforce is a hot topic for any industry that can support a permanent remote workforce. Many companies are deciding to keep remote workers due to the effectiveness in productivity as well as reduced costs. Others are turning to a hybrid model, mixing in-person work days (that are either mandatory or at the discretion of individuals or teams) with remote office days. While working from anywhere has benefits for both employers and employees, it also represents a huge shift in how Americans work. That shift happened in an instant at the beginning of the pandemic as a matter of necessity and now companies are more carefully considering how they want their employees to work.  

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