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Customer Care. Loyalty Programs and the New Strategic Imperative

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What Corporations Can Learn About Customer Loyalty

Loyal customer appreciation gifts are a staple of retailer and major brand customer retention and new customer acquisition strategies, but, in tough times, are corporations learning from what the kings of consumerism do? A recent Demandware webinar called “Amazon is Eating Everyone’s Lunch: How to Not Be the Main Course!”, uncovered how Amazon’s customer experience and loyalty program have stolen critical mass shopper market-share, not only by beating all other retailers on price, but also by learning from their customers via surveys and creating a loyalty program that other retailers dream of. What can companies and corporations learn from Amazon? Think about your customer loyalty program. Don’t have one? Create one before your competitors eat your lunch. Think about offering “thank you’s” for repeated purchase of product or services. Declare August or September “Loyalty Month” and offer a
gift card in return for completing a customer satisfaction and learnings survey. Give
gift cards to repeat customers who refer new customers to you.
Are you ensuring that your customers are not only happy, but incented to keep coming back?
Read on in the GCP eBook . 2012
Incentives in the Workplace to discover how companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries use incentives to drive their desired results.

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Loyalty Programs: Rewards Points vs. The Big Picture

Loyalty360 brings us an interesting concept that loyalty programs are often misconstrued as the final parts of what should be considered the small pieces of their make-up, the points, rewards, and deals. In
Changing Times by Phil Rubin, CEO of rDialgoue speaks with us about what’s really important in loyalty: the building of one-on-one relationships with customers. Most retailers and merchants think of points as so central to their customer loyalty, yet Amazon doesn’t have a standard points program, yet they have one of the most loyal customers in the industry.
How does Amazon do it? And, what can you learn from brands that go beyond points and rewards to engender loyalty and trust? Check out loyalty360’s article
Changing Times and their 360 podcast.

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Is Your Loyalty Program Listening?

Loyalty programs are an important channel for GCP to sell our gift cards into, so we thought our loyalty companies (clients) as well as our retailer audience would find this article interesting and educational. It outlines an interesting argument for integrating a holistic approach to the business, which includes loyalty, resulting in a cohesive customer experience. As a consumer, I have received offers that exclude me because I am already a loyalty member…a classic show of “the disconnect that customers feel (that) is the result of the siloed approach to loyalty programs…” Read on @ Retail Customer Experience:
Beyond a loyalty program: Using loyalty data to create a unified strategy    

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Getting in touch e-retail – Loyalty 360 webinar!

In last quarter’s
Industry Trend Report, GiftCard Partners published an article:
Are you an online retailer ...or Not?, where we investigated which of the Top 50 Retailers are accepting gift cards as payment online. We discussed the potential missed opportunities for retailers who are not taking full advantage of the online channel and getting in touch with their gift card e-retail side, especially as mobile technology gains importance in consumers’ buying choices. On September 29th, Loyalty 360 will be holding a webinar on just this topic.
Expanding Your Program’s Reach in the Complex World of E-Commerce; they will examine the role of traditional
loyalty programs in the rapidly expanding world of online commerce and the industry players that are shaping loyalty in online commerce.
Click here for the webinar overview and to register.          

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