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Loyalty Rewards Trend Toward Health and Wellness

This year Maritz Motivation is having their own "12 days of Christmas," revealing the
12 most redeemed items from their loyalty catalog and trends in electronics buying. 42% of the recent survey respondents indicated that they will redeem loyalty points to fund holiday shopping. What these consumers are buying could indicate large buying trends for the holidays. The first 3 items have been revealed, but one of the overarching themes to seasonal electronics buying could play directly into the health and wellness programs geared toward the early part of next year. Here are 3 seasonal trends:

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Evolving Past Employee Loyalty

Employee loyalty is harder and harder to come by these days. And it has been for a while. There's no such thing as working at the same place for 30-40 years and retiring with a pension anymore. So how can employers keep employees engaged and hungry for more within their current company?
You reward them. However, the rewards are no longer for longevity. No 5, 10 or 20 years of service luncheons. Since employee loyalty is no longer a motivator, with the average junior employee holding a single position for only an average of 18 months, it's time to evolve past employee loyalty.
Identifying desired behavior and rewarding execution and consistency is the new "loyalty." You can't help that careers are ever-shifting and people get restless (which is more encouraging in today's job market). So worry about what you can control. Make your employees the best they can be, and when they are, reward them for it. Use what is beyond loyalty, short term performance, to motivate your staff toward organizational goals. Employee loyalty doesn't need to be paramount to run a team full of people working well together towards a common goal. If longevity isn't in your organization's 2015 outlook, don't panic. Just find employee motivators you can control and look to performance, even short term, to reward employees for good work.

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3 Corporate Gift Ideas That Show Appreciation

Last Minute Gift Ideas That Shows Appreciation
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Great Workplaces on the Rise

We are entering an age of great workplaces. A job is no longer just a job, but a good fit in environment and skills between employer and employee. Due to more transparency given by employers and more trust in the employee/employer relationships employees are happier in their workplace. What does this mean? Generally, it means better business results. Awesome, right?

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Optimizing Gamification of Your Employee Loyalty Program

Gamifying your employee loyalty program can be a great way to engage your workforce and collect data to strengthen your team. Here are a few ways to make your gamification program the best it can be.

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