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Employees Love Health & Wellness Rewards And Incentives

With companies focused on providing quality health incentives and rewards to their employees, a pair of wellness managers recently discussed the success they've found at their respective companies.

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Whole Foods' Gift Card Sales Raise $100K To Help Kids Eat Healthy

The recent holiday season proved to be a successful one for Whole Foods Market's children's foundation, as the supermarket partnered with a payments provider to raise more than $100,000 for the nonprofit by selling specific curated gift cards at their stores nationwide, according to a Justmeans report.

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Using Incentives To Improve Health Information Tech, Patient Care

Health information technology (HIT) has the potential to change patient care in the future, but reality needs to catch up with the aspiration.

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Corporate Wellness: The Commute Home [Infographic]

Many corporate health & wellness programs focus on supporting employees in their attempts to reach health goals or to live a healthier lifestyle, but the majority of efforts are spent on improving the lives of employees during their workday and in the workplace.

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Engaging Millennials in Company Wellness Culture

Millennials are the hardest generational group to engage in workplace culture. They provide a challenge to every leadership team, culture committee and HR group around the country. But engaging millennials in your company culture can pay dividends, motivating them and connecting them to your organizational goals, which in turn can increase their productivity and retention rate. Wellness can serve as that common thread: it benefits both the organization and its millennial employees. 

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