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Deep Dive into Gamification for Employee Motivation and Rewards

If you are immersed in the world of employee motivation, recognition and rewards; you’ve been hearing a lot about gamification: a business tool to integrate key techniques and mechanics into the workplace via “games”. Simply put, integrating interactive games as a tool within training or incentive programs improves employee engagement, motivation and productivity. GCP’s gift cards are well engrained in such programs as game points can be accumulated to select a really useful “prize”, like lunches at
SUBWAY, Health and Beauty items at
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The Limited…GCP’s gift cards are carefully selected for B2B programs like employee rewards. GCP’s recent blogs lead to gobs of the evidence that gamification should be looked at seriously within incentive programs,
Incentive Experts Point to Gamification as Top Incentive Trend,
Snowfly’s 16 Key Findings for Success white paper,
IRF’s 12 Trends in Rewards and Recognition for 2012,
Gamification Keeps Employees Engaged and Brand Image Strong…but this blog offers you a deep dive into the mechanics of gamification, data on participation levels, performance and reward successes, and what you can expect long term. Take a deep dive into gamification with “
Snowfly’s Gamification in the Workplace: 15 Key Discoveries”, by Dr. Brooks Mitchell. His work has been published and referred to in hundreds of publications, including Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and the New York Times.

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Incorporating Innovation into Recognition

It is easy to provide standard compensation to employees: salary, plus rewards for organizational success and individual achievements. But what about innovation? If an employee finds an innovative way to change the business for the better, or to change the atmosphere in the office, shouldn't that be rewarded on a higher level? Shouldn't innovation that improves the business either internally or externally garner organization-wide recognition, not to mention some compensation that goes beyond standard bonuses? Rewarding innovation is important to move your business forward, and to keep your employees engaged in the company's work at all times. To know there is a high level reward behind innovative thinking and behavior is a huge employee motivator, and lets employees know that their organization stands behind them as long as they are committed. The compensation could be monetary, or it could come in the form of a choice of gift cards, which would reward the employee in a more personal way. Gift cards hold a trophy value, and can be used by the employee to treat themselves, friends, or family with their reward. Compensating employees is expected, but rewarding and engaging employees by driving your business to innovation is much more productive.
For more information on how to reward your employees for innovative behaviors check out this Fast Company article.

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The Important Relationship between Engaged Employees, Brand, and Engaged Consumers

With social media and current marketing trends it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify "insiders" and "outsiders" in an organization. This new and changing climate provides opportunity for brand ambassadors, and puts companies in a position where they hope their organization is put in good standing on social media sites, message boards, and on blogs. Ensuring that your employees are engaged at work creates a likely environment that they will become positive brand ambassadors in online public spaces, and in turn engage consumers.
Here are some tips from a PR Web article on how to engage your employees to become positive brand representatives and teach them how to drive the consumer brand experience. 

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Keeping Meaning in Rewards

Rewarding employees can become trite and lose its meaning. Sometimes coming up with interesting ways to recognize exceptional employees like presenting a public reward or giving an innovative gift such as a gift card, instead of cash can make the reward more meaningful. Here are a few quick criteria for keeping meaning in your employee rewards program.

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Is your Health and Wellness program up to date?

Some interesting findings from our neighbors to the north. Striking data about the discrepancy between where companies see their health and wellness initiatives at the present versus where they think this programming needs to be to have a real effect on their company's bottom line. Do the following 3 areas apply to your health and wellness program? 1. While employers are articulate about what they want to accomplish with health and wellness programs...

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