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Three C's to Maximize your Gift Card Incentive

Selecting the right gift card for your incentive program can be challenging.  You want to satisfy your employees and not break your budget.  Here are the "three C's" of maximizing your gift card incentive program:

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Another Example of Employee Wellness Rewards

Greg Williams, employee of MeadWestvaco Corp. in Richmond, VA likens his pedometer to his American Express card, because he never leaves home without it.  It is a big part of his companies employee wellness program, which helps him lose weight and gain money in gift cards (he has accrued about $800 in rewards so far).  To find more information about this program, or other similar programs check out this

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Businesses Ramp Up Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are a fantastic way for businesses to monitor their employees health, and control health care costs.  84% of employers and health plans across the country have at least one wellness program, and 91% expect to have wellness plans in place within the next 12 months, according to a survey conducted by the Continuum Care Alliance.  At TeamHealth in Tennessee employees are offered significant rewards including $50 quarterly health care credits for good performance on a health risk assessment test administered online.  Wellness programs are gaining popularity because they provide results in conserving revenue for businesses.  For more information on wellness programs and their expanded implementation click

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What Will You Gain from Health & Wellness Incentives?

Employees of small businesses across the country are receiving rewards for healthy behavior both in and out of the office. With the implementation of wellness programs in offices across the country, healthcare costs are decreasing for employers, and some of the saved money gets distributed to employees for healthy behavior. Learn more about how your business could save money & how to make your employees healthier. Read the full story

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A better way to buy gift cards in bulk

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