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Early Adopters Respond Favorably to Wellness Programs

Employees who engage with wellness programs earlier respond more favorably and are healthier in the long term than employees who engage with wellness programs later. Biometric screenings provide gateway to early engagement, and provide an important opportunity to use incentives as carrot rewards for plan participation and healthier readings. Of the participants who received program incentives before their screenings,

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Financial Wellness Paired With Physical Wellness


With 80% of U.S. and Puerto Rican workers under moderate or high levels of financial stress, employers are looking beyond physical wellness programs and adding a financial wellness component to employee benefits. Financial wellness programs often provide financial advice and guidance to employees with the aim to reduce financial stress and increase workplace productivity. According to an Aon Hewitt survey, 76% of employers were interested in financial wellness initiatives in 2013, and looking to expand their efforts by 2014. Companies also observe that the more financially stressed an employee is, the more sick time they take, disrupting work flow and workplace momentum. At Meredith Corp. employees are offered a financial wellness questionnaire and can take educational courses and other financial wellness actions to gain access to discounted healthcare options and other financial perks. Meredith is recording big results on their financial wellness program too.

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Whole Foods Corporate Responsibility Goes Global

Whole Foods Market is taking their corporate responsibility beyond their high quality, all natural foods and working to solve global poverty. Whole Planet Foundation was borne out of Whole Foods Market’s desire to give something back, while focusing on the persistent problem of world poverty and hunger. The Whole Planet Foundation and Whole Foods Markets have hosted a series of small community events throughout the country like craft fairs and concerts and have raised $4.6 million toward a microlending campaign, no no plans to slow down any time soon.

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Personalizing Gift Cards

The biggest drawback consumers (and employers) have with gift cards is that some say they are impersonal. The stigma is, when giving a gift card, you are essentially giving cold hard cash, only good at one location. However, with the mainstream advent of digital gift cards and digital gifting, personalizing gift cards is easier than ever, not to mention a big hit with recipients.

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Employee Investment is an Investment in Your Brand

Employees are your brand. They are the ultimate liaison between you and your customers. No customers, no business, so it's critical to make an employee investment and consider it an investment in your brand. In order to ensure your employees are the strongest representation of your brand you must create a culture of employee engagement. Here are three ways to do that.

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