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Engage Your Employees With Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges are becoming all the rage at workplaces across the country and are encouraging employees to become happier, healthier, and more energetic at work.

Requiring little to no investment, the challenges help to promote a supportive, positive climate of camaraderie and fun.

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Incentives Improve Workplace Performance

Genesis Associates, a British-based recruiting firm focusing in the sales, engineering, and creative sectors, recently surveyed employees to try to determine exactly how important incentives were in the workplace. Their findings were astounding. 85% of responding workers indicated that they do their
best work when an incentive is involved. That’s not just better work, or they work harder, that is their best. Don’t you want their best all the time? This survey adds to the proof that incentives are no longer an option but a necessity to maintaining a positive work environment. Of those surveyed, 73% indicated that their work atmosphere was good or very good during an incentive period. So what do you give employees to properly incentivize them? The survey also went into the incentive itself. They saw:

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5 Team Building Ideas For Employees

Team building often feels forced. It can be seen as a cheesy, waste of time especially for those employees who are less social. The truth is a lot of team building exercises ARE a waste of time. But you can do team building the right way. To plan a successful team building exercise you should be thoughtful to who is on the team and the goal you want to accomplish. Pairing the right personalities with the goals you want to accomplish will keep employees more engaged in team building. Here are 5 excellent ideas for team building:

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The Link Between Employee Loyalty and Customer Engagement

Employee loyalty and customer engagement: two seemingly independent business issues that are actually inextricably linked. While it seems that employee loyalty is an internal HR issue that should only be tied to employee recognition and length of service rewards like additional PTO or a special recognition ceremony, that isn’t the case. Employee loyalty is an external real business issue because employee longevity, employee satisfaction, and employee loyalty are all inextricably linked to customer engagement and ultimately customer spending. Melanie Frok describes three critical components of employee engagement and loyalty that are most critical to your business:

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3 New Year’s Resolutions From Your HR Department

The top three challenges Human Resources departments across America face right now are employee turnoveremployee engagement, and succession planning. All three present interesting challenges, but can be overcome if HR leaders take on the challenges with creative solutions. Let’s take a look at how HR departments can change their views on these issues to ease concerns in the new year. Consider these three New Year’s resolutions from your HR department in 2016:

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