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Hi-Tech Wellness Encouraging Employee Participation

As employee wellness programs increase in popularity, hi-tech wellness can help employers engage employees in their programs and keeps programs light and fun. The range of ways to incorporate technology into wellness programs is growing. Between apps, wearables, and dashboards, hi-tech wellness is becoming a tool to drive wellness program success for employers and employees alike. Here are three ways that hi-tech wellness can work for you.

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Why Cash Rewards Don’t Motivate

We talked before about the shift in reward and incentive programs. Employers must now take into account that each workplace is usually comprised of 3 different generations, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Each of these generations defines a “valuable reward” in different ways. This shift in rewarding now involves turning away from the idea of general cash rewards and taking a more personalized approach to the individuals you are trying to motivate or reward.

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3 Employee Engagement Trends to Consider in 2016

Employee engagement remains a critical part of HR programs and a big challenge going further into 2016. While every expert is discussing engagement trends, here are three trends to help you get started in boosting your employee engagement.

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4 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a number one priority for HR departments as we get further into 2016. Based on a 2014 SHRM survey, employees rated 
engagement levels at work a 3.6 out of 5. So how do you boost employee engagement rates? Here are four tips from PC Magazine on how to perfect your program, and boost employee engagement this year:

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Are Employee Rewards Benefits or Bonuses?

A new study from the Reward & Employee Benefits Association indicates that employee engagement is considered a top strategic priority for 2016 (35.6% of respondents indicated this as number 1).

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