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Leadership Qualities to Keep Your Business Humming

Military discipline is known to transform people and form the incredible individuals who keep our country safe every day. The military also instills incredible leadership qualities that can help you keep your business on tract and build your team into the picture of efficiency. Here are
three qualities that Amit Kleinberger, CEO of Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, learned in the military that he applies to his business.

  • Teamwork. Working together is important, no matter what the collective end goal is. But successful teamwork is impossible without the right members. Keep the focus on team selection. Look for people with both leadership qualities, and can keep their ego in check. These are the people who will be the hardest working, best team members for your organization.
  • Accountability. It needs to be clear that consequences are a possibility. With a certain level of responsibility consequences go hand in hand with mistakes or failure but that accountability should really motivate employees to contribute as much as possible toward common goals. To put this in a positive light and avoid burn out or giving up, focus on those mistakes or failures and help turn them into a learning experience for everyone.
  • Common Goals. Make sure your team is working toward a clear goal. Establish specific long and short term goals so the team knows where they are headed and ensure they are heading there together. A ship without a captain is likely to get lost, don't leave your team floating around.

Successful leadership qualities are valuable to your organization and must be nurtured constantly. Recognizing these leadership skills in your organization is incredibly important; whether it's through simple spot rewards like a
gift card, or a well earned promotion, make sure your leaders know how much you appreciate them.

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