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Rachel (Merkin) Welt

Rachel Merkin is the lead content writer for GiftCard Partners and is passionate about all things marketing. Getting effective messaging from a company to its audience gets her out of bed in the morning. When she’s not finding innovative ways to discuss the gift card industry and how it might affect your business, she could be running, or spending time at the beach.

Recent Posts

What Will You Gain from Health & Wellness Incentives?

Employees of small businesses across the country are receiving rewards for healthy behavior both in and out of the office. With the implementation of wellness programs in offices across the country, healthcare costs are decreasing for employers, and some of the saved money gets distributed to employees for healthy behavior. Learn more about how your business could save money & how to make your employees healthier. Read the full story

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Customer Service is King, Especially Around the Holidays

This week's blog topic came to us from a member of the GiftCard Partners team and her personal interaction with one of GiftCard Partner's retail clients.  She was about to embark on a road trip to return home for the holidays when she realized she was out of windshield wiper fluid.  Having never filled the fluid up on her own before, she went to her local AutoZone store, slightly apprehensive and embarrassed, and purchased the fluid. She hesitantly asked the cashier if he could help her open the hood of her car and assist her with pouring the fluid into the proper reservoir (asking was better than accidentally messing up the car!).  The cashier obliged, assuring her that people have come in with "much stupider questions."  He assisted her with the fluid, greased a sticky latch on her hood, and tried to make her feel less helpless.  This anecdote proves that customer service can make all the difference, especially around the holiday season.  Happy Holidays from everyone at GiftCard Partners!

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IMA FastTake November 2010

Check out this industry status report from the Incentive Marketing Association.  it provides some great insight on health and wellness program costs for companies, the industry outlook for 2011, and industry news and events.  It is a quick read and a great way to keep up with the incentive industry!  A link to the FastTake update can be found at http://www.incentivemarketing.org/associations/2592/files/FastTakes%20Nov2010.htm.

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Before You Start Holiday Shopping, Check This Out...

Before you begin the holiday shopping season, driving yourself crazy trying to find great gifts for everyone on your list check out these survey findings from the National Retail Federation consumer interest in gift cards. Gift giving might be easier than you think! 57% would like to receive a gift card (up from 55% from last year.) 61% of those with higher incomes (more than $50K) want a gift card 63% of those ages 25 – 34 want a gift card 64% of women want a gift card So give the people what they want this holiday season, and give yourself a break.

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Digital Gift Cards: Are They Working?

Digital Gift Cards are gaining popularity throughout the market, however some top tier retailers are neglecting to start using the technologically advanced version of the Gift Card. Gift card sales continue to rise throughout the country, rising by about 2% in last year's holiday season. So the real question is: why aren't all retailers adopting the technology? Check out this article (http://www.dmnews.com/digital-gift-cards-get-the-short-stick/article/179517/) and leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

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