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Rewarding Company Culture

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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There's no such thing as a "company man" (or woman) in today's job market. As employees switch jobs more frequently building a solid company culture can be a challenge. Human resources professionals work to build an environment within the office and a culture that builds camaraderie and teamwork among co-workers. In some organizations exemplifying company culture is valued as much as completing direct job functions. If culture is key at your organization, consider using a reward program to incentivize cultural leaders as well as your most productive ones. Rewarding people who embody your organization's culture set a positive example for your workforce just as much as the hard working, super productive employees. You never know, the cultural leaders and the production leaders could be the same people more often than you think.
For more information on employee rewards and building company culture check out this article from the In2Summit.

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