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10 Motivation Misconceptions Show Why Gift Cards are a Great Solution

10 Motivation Misconceptions Show Why Gift Cards are a Great Solution

  1. Incentive programs should be used primarily to solve short-term problems.
  2. In order for an incentive program to be effective, a lot of money must be spent.
  3. It takes substantial time and resources to create and administer an incentive program.
  4. Incentives should be rewarded only for achieving long duration goals (monthly, quarterly, and annually).
  5. Incentive games and their random payouts are silly and counterproductive.
  6. Incentive programs should reward only the top performers.
  7. Refillable debit cards and retail and restaurant gift cards are not as effective as tangible incentive rewards.
  8. Incentive programs should only reward team-based achievements.
  9. There should be a few large prizes with a high value.
  10. It's cheaper to assemble programs by yourself.

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