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Providing Employee Well-Being through your Wellness Program

Posted, by Rachel Merkin on 05/10/2012

Health and wellness programs help employees engage in healthy behavior which drives down health care costs for the employer. These programs also engage employees with their co-workers and with the organization itself. Health and wellness programs convey support for employees from their employer which helps retention rates, employee productivity, and employee emotional well-being. ComPsych 2012, a newly release wellness trend study  showed the following statistics about employee well-being which further emphasizes the importance of health and wellness programs at work.

  •  40% say a physical health or emotional problem has interfered with normal activities with family, friends, neighbors or groups.
  • 36% say they are tense or anxious much of the time.
  • 32% report being unable to stop thinking about their problems.

Dedicated employers will maintain dedicated employees. It is important to engage employees in these types of programs, and reward desired behavior to maintain interest in the programs. Providing spot rewards for achievement of goals, such as a small denomination CVS Select® Card, a selectively filtered gift card which debits only on healthy items, is a great way to keep employees engaged and avoid emotional or physical health issues that can interfere with work. Investing in your employees will ensure that they continuously invest their time and energy in their job and the organization.
For more information on employee emotional well-being and health and wellness programs and rewards check out this blog post from Huffington Post.

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